AZ Silkies & Seramas

Local Boutique Hatchery 

Specializing in Silkies, Seramas, and other rare breeds.

Est. 2022, Queen Creek Arizona

Silkies are gentle, kind birds who love company and adore being held and fussed over!

Known as the "micro chicken", Seramas have been deemed the smallest chicken in the World! Great for chicken lovers who are working indoors and smaller spaces.

Add a little flair to your backyard flock! Ornamental, Egg Layers, Exhibition, Specialty Rare Breeds

Hello and Welcome to AZ Silkies & Seramas! 

We are a local, family owned 

Boutique Hatchery in Queen Creek, AZ

We specialize in Silkies, Seramas and other rare chicken breeds. Chickens are my passion and each and every chick is special to me and truly loved!

Fertilized Egg Selection:

I only purchase the highest quality eggs from pure bred stock. The fertilized eggs come from a variety of pure bred chicken breeders across the valley and the US.  These chicks are show quality and not your typical feed store variety! 

The Incubation & Hatching Process:

I monitor the incubation process daily and hatches are monitored hourly (no matter what time, day or night!) to make sure the hatch is successful and chicks have what they need.  I treat for 

Now the fun part...Fluffy Butts!!

After the chicks hatch, each individual chick is given a full inspection for health (daily) and provided any extra care they may need, kept clean (no pasty butts here!) and fed the best organic feed.  They are of course cuddled and loved on hourly, sweet, tame and hand fed. You can be sure you are getting a high quality, healthy, thriving chick that will bring you joy for years to come!

Looking forward to meeting you and adding some special feathered friends to your flock!

Brittney Thomas - Chicken Mom, Owner and Operator